Remember last Christmas…

Yesterday I was chatting with my mother on IM.

Me: So do you remember how last year I got a fever on December 23, and had strep throat and a sinus infection over Christmas?

Mom: yeeeesssssss…

Me: And do you remember how on Christmas Eve we went to look at the renovation, and the brand new roof was leaking, and Sparks had to bawl out the roofer and drive back over there in the rain?

Mom: yyeeeessssss…

Me: And do you remember how it snowed so hard on the 26th that you had to stay an extra day?

Mom: yes I guess I do

Me: Well this year is bound to be better 🙂

Mom: oh GOOD. I thought you were preparing me for bad news!

They say to tell the truth, but the happy truth, on your blog. It looks like none of the above got onto the blog last Christmas. This year though, I can look back and laugh. HA! 28 weeks pregnant is gonna be a breeze.


Pudding thinks so.

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