Afternoon light

We’re having a cold snap here. The daily temperatures spend a lot of time in the single digits. The bedrooms are distinctly chilly all the time. As you walk nearer to the big glass sliders in the great room, you can feel the cold penetrating the thermopane. Usually this doesn’t happen until January.


Fortunately we have two secret weapons to fight the insidious chill. The first is the new gas log that Sparks installed in the fireplace. He’s working on a mantlepiece, too, on top of which I’m going to put the Christmas village I made, so I’m holding off on photographing that. The second is the winter sunlight, which pours into one slider in the morning and the other slider in the afternoon. It palpably warms the surrounding area and gives Pudding and I the strength to soldier on into the long, dark, early nighttime.


By afternoon we have both moved into the fireplace nook, near the warm slider. We have all kinds of nice things squirreled away in this nook; a sofa and two armchairs, an afghan, a quilt, two big puffy pillows and a pile of floor cushions, a tray of yarn, a scattering of books and magazines, and good views of both the pink and the white Christmas trees.


Thank you Martha for teaching me to put the tinsel trees into deep trays, and fill the trays with pretty stuff. You’re a genius.


Even if Pudding isn’t much interested.


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