New toobz

I don’t know how well I’ve made the point, on this blog, that Sparks is a tube amp fiend. He has a nice business selling circuit boards for home tube enthusiasts to build their own amps, he uses his own tube amps himself, and he has a workshop in the garage with literally boxes and boxes and boxes full of tubes. Big boxes. Full.


My uncle Davy’s friend Bruce (do all uncles have a friend named Bruce? In both our families, they do) apparently understands my husband, because he sent him this vintage tube radio. Wow! Sparks says that the radio will be for KB’s room… she needs to learn to appreciate this stuff early.

Thanks Bruce and Davy 😉 You made my husband’s day.


One thought on “New toobz

  1. Too cute! What a great addition to the baby’s room. I love it when people are enthusiastic about something like this – tube amps in Sparks case – and turn it into a real passionate skill. I would love a house full of radios like that.

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