Four trees

Over the course of Friday–Saturday–Sunday, I put up four Christmas trees. I have one more, a four-foot faux Blue Spruce, that I might put in our bedroom… I haven’t decided. It all has to do with the outlet, which is behind the very heavy piece of furniture the tree would sit on. We’ll see.


Here is the pink tree that Pudding nommed on. The aluminum foil is keeping her off it, completely. I guess some cats are sensitive to foil and some are sensitive to citrus… Pudding is TERRIFIED of the foil.

The ornaments are tiny vintage-style reproductions, with reflectors and bands of color. I really like this style of ornament; I can’t understand why there aren’t more new ones being made.


Here is the lime green tinsel tree in the guest bedroom. I was wavering between lime green and silver, and my mother decided the issue for me. Lime green is her faaaavorite color.


Here is the old gold tree. This is the tree I got when I started renting a house instead of an apartment… that makes it this tree’s sixth year in service. When I got it, prelit trees were still a bit of a novelty. All I can say is amen to the prelit goodness! I remember when I was a child, the process of sorting out branches and plugging them in and getting lights on the tree seemed to take most of the day, and usually made my parents grumpy. This year, I can say without hesitation that had I had to put lights on one of the full-sized trees, that would have been the ONLY tree I put up.


Here is the fluffy white tree that Sparks so manfully helped me buy, more than two years ago. This its third Christmas in service. The ornaments are all vintage ones, that I got mostly off of eBay. They’re so colorful and happy… my mother inherited a box of ornaments like this from my grandparents, which is what inspired me to start collecting them myself. Since the tree isn’t in a corner this year, I even managed to get ALL of the ornaments on the tree. Woop woop!


I have two boxes of ornaments from Sparks’ mother, Jane. She gave them to me last Thanksgiving. They are by far the biggest and most colorful in my collection… compared to the eBay purchases, their condition is absolutely stellar. THANK you, Jane!


Sorry Pudding. That box contains neither Greenies nor cat toys. I know, life is hard.


6 thoughts on “Four trees

  1. I adore the lime green and red one! Especially the mushroom ornament. So adorable.

    We’re probably only going to put up one tree, maybe two. We’re getting a fresh tree this year – cutting it ourselves. My first ever! Thank god for wood floors.

    Ever since I hit the jackpot on super-cheap ornaments one year at IKEA, my colors have been blue, white, and silver. And a giant white, light-up moravian star for the top. Our little greeny-white faux tree (also prelit) is probably going to go on our front porch with no ornaments, or just a few.

    This year I bought icicle lights (that actually look like icicles) and glittery icicle ornaments to go with my blue, pressed-glass balls, glass hearts, blue and white paper swedish woven hearts, and snowflakes. Can’t wait to get our tree next weekend. Now if only it would snow!

  2. Your house is so lovely. And four trees! We always just have one real tree but when I was young my grampa bought me a little tree and I used to have it in my room every Christmas. I think I need to do that for the girls. What do you think – pink aluminum for Moira’s room?

  3. I had a small tree for my room when I was a child, too. I got to put on colored lights and all the ugly ornaments that didn’t match the big tree 😉 . I just loved it. Pink sounds great! Mine’s actually plastic tinsel from eBay.

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