Bad kitty! Baaaaad kitty

I put aluminum foil on the edges of the table right after taking these pictures. She won’t step on it, so she can’t molest the tree anymore. I’m glad I figured that out before putting ornaments on it…




5 thoughts on “Bad kitty! Baaaaad kitty

  1. omg. that is sooooo funny. i have two cats and my one cat would be doing exactly the same thing! he loves chewing on things like that.

    i can’t have any real flowers in a vase because he will knock it over for sure. i’ll come home to a wet floor and dead flowers.

    thanks for sharing.

    i never knew they didn’t like tin foil!?

  2. Try putting oranges and lemons around the base of your tree. That kept our kitties at bay last year. Cats generally don’t like citrus. Of course, I suppose there are exceptions.

  3. She looks so happy. My friend’s cat used to sit under the Christmas tree like he was the main present. Our feline friends are pretty priceless. Love that you’re rockin’ a pink tree, but surprised it’s not aqua.

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