Mindfulness in patchwork

There are people who craft because they enjoy the process, and there are people who craft because they enjoy the product. For me, the very best crafts are the ones that allow me some satisfaction in both areas. Knitting is nice because handling and squishing and smelling the yarn is such a nice experience, and sometimes (just sometimes) the product ends up being something worth having. Patchwork is nice too. It’s so exciting to pick out fabrics and patterns, to press and cut and stitch, and when I happen to actually finish a quilt–why that’s nice too.


The “turn every small quilt top in the house into a baby mat” project was all about products, really. Now, for Thanksgiving, I have brought out my old Thanksgiving quilt that I started three years ago and have made very little progress on since. I have brought it out a couple of times, I just don’t feel like I’m in a hurry over it. The fabrics are so far out of my usual aesthetic, but somehow, that makes me enjoy them even more. I am determined to do the patchwork slowly and to do it right. I think that when the top is finished, I’ll even hand quilt it. With big stitches and pearl cotton to be sure… but still.


I’m also committed to only buying these kinds of fabrics when I a see a single, exquisite fat quarter in a real quilt store. No online ordering here. No machine quilting. No strip-piecing and no slip-ups. This is my little bit of mindful patchworking.


Also slowly coalescing is my new sewing room, which Sparks has been painting for me. It’s a large storage closet off of the media room, about 6’x9′, just enough room for a sewing table and ironing board and shelves… not enough room to hide piles of things when visitors come, and to house an ever-increasing, out-of-control stash. It’s time to start being mindful about what new materials I buy.


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