Nesting list

Aesthetic Nest has inspired me again… this time to put together a Nesting List of all the projects I intend to do for the baby. So without more ado…

1. Finish as many of the small quilt tops I already have as possible, for use as play mats etc.
2. Make a few plain flannel receiving blankets, by binding pieces of flannel
3. Make a cut chenille blanket (DONE)
4. Make a crib-sized afghan
5. Make a crib-sized quilt
6. Make some soft flannel toys… balls, eggs, blocks
7. Make a couple of boppy covers
8. Make a crib bumper
9. Make the nursery curtains
10. Make a few little rompers and bubblesuits for summer

That should keep me busy.

Favorites 34
(I didn’t make anything here, but isn’t it all pretty? Click the picture to go to Flickr, and see the originals)


3 thoughts on “Nesting list

  1. The nursery things will be mod prints in bright, happy colors… lots of pink and turquoise. Other than that, no theme!

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