Good Folks string quilt

Yesterday was a beautiful kind of fall weekend day: it was drizzly and miserable outside, and I had nowhere to go. I spent most of the day finishing the Little Folks quilt top. That’s right! It’s a whole, real-for-sure quilt now!

So what do I do today?


String quilt! I made these blocks back when string quilts were an innovation in the Flickrworld, then put them away. Since so many of this child’s nursery goods are ending up being made of Anna Maria Horner prints, and since I’m on the lookout for smallish, portable, stain-hiding quilts, these blocks seemed just right.

There are sixteen 12″x12″ string blocks here. I bought a Designer Sampler from Quilthome, a precut pack which is sadly being phased out but was a collection of wide eighth-yard cuts of whole fabric collections. I slashed each of the 4.5″ strips into two or three smaller ones, to use as strings. I also foundation pieced on muslin, not paper, so I didn’t have to pick the paper off the backs.


Here’s the Little Folks play mat. I quilted lines 3/8″ on either side of all the seams and bound it with yellow Kona cotton. It’s by no means perfect, but, you know. It’s destined to be spat up on, so it doesn’t have to be.


4 thoughts on “Good Folks string quilt

  1. you’ve got me thinking again about that sewing class i still haven’t made time for. this is such a beautiully pieced work of art…only in my dreams…

  2. I love the string quilt top. It is spectacular. It is really the perfect idea for a travel quilt that is sure to be destroyed by a little one.

    OH.. I love even more your little folks flannel quilt. It is outstanding and will look so cute with a little baby sprawled out all over it.

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