I think we have enough stockings now

I wanted to make Christmas stockings to go with the mod new house decor, and my hoarding instinct took over. “How many stockings” I asked myself “would we need if all of my family AND all of Sparks family were here for Christmas?”

The answer was, more than nine. Nine however is the exactly maximum number of stocking cuffs one can cut from a yard of fleece. So I stopped there.


The stocking fabrics are a mixture of Twelve Joys of Christmas by Sherri Berry and Groove Holiday by Robert Kaufman.

Sparks is getting the fireplace spiffed up for the holiday. He has built a mantle shelf to put above it, and ordered a gas log insert… in the end, we decided that we’ll have more fires if we don’t have to be constantly raking ash out of the fireplace. To celebrate the upcoming transition, Sparks burned a lot of pear wood yesterday. Cozy!



2 thoughts on “I think we have enough stockings now

  1. I have a ton of fabric I bought last year to make Christmas stockings – enough for 4 people even though I didn’t know I was pregnant yet. I just assumed there would be an extra body around this Christmas needing a stocking. Lucky me. I love the mod fabric you have used.

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