Who will she look like?

The speculation is on. She has her dad’s long legs and, it seems, her mom’s nose and chin. But eye color? Sparks has pale green eyes and I have brown eyes, but two blue-eyed grandfathers, so that’s completely up in the air. Hair color? It’s destined to be medium to dark brown, but her dad was a blond kid.

And will she have hair, or be a bald baby? Welll…

Her mother

Her father


3 thoughts on “Who will she look like?

  1. we have a blond haired, blue eyed daddy

    a redheaded, freckled and “brown eyed girl”


    who had a reddish/dark brown, hazel eyed boy

    a blondish/brown, brown eyed boy (who is taller than all of us!) boy

    and a blond haired, blue eyed bundle of who knows what boy

    there are times I see so much of so many different relatives, I can’t even keep up…cherish her for who she is and the moments she reminds you of those you love!

    what a sweet post. thank you.

  2. I love the speculation part! It’s so fun.

    We have one super blonde guy in our family & one dark haired girl which so far has produced a light brown/blonde-ish girl and one who is growing both dark and blonde hair right now – I guess she hasn’t decided what hair colour she wants yet. Moira was born with really dark hair that all fell out. And so far everyone but me has blue eyes (mine are green).

  3. No hair is best. Then, when she is on her back and she vomits, it’s a lot easier to clean up. No tangles. And no four-month bald patch!

    Both my husband and I have brown eyes, with brown-eyed parents, and yet all four of our children have blue to grey eyes.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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