Caramel corn!

Yesterday was a banner day for me in the kitchen. I made caramel and I didn’t ruin any pots and pans and I didn’t burn myself. I’m so pleased! It’s my first successful sugar-cooking experiment. Woop woop!


I started with one full-size bag of butter-flavored, low-fat microwave popcorn, a bag of raw peanuts left over from Sparks’ mole sauce experiment earlier this summer, and this caramel corn recipe. I followed the caramel instructions exactly, except that because I was already working with seasoned, butter-flavored popcorn, I omitted the salt.


Butter, sugar, Karo. Sparks likes Karo on his waffles and pancakes, so we always have it in the house. He’s just keeping it real, yo.


Once the sauce started forming bubbles, I turned the heat down to medium-low. Melted sugar holds so much residual heat that it takes almost nothing to keep it going. I stood by the stove and I watched it for the whole five minutes. Because bad things happen when I don’t watch the stove (right, sweetie?)


When the sauce was finished, I poured it over the popcorn, added peanuts, and baked for 20 minutes, stirring once in the middle and once at the end. And voila! Tasty, tasty caramel corn.

I am equal parts proud of myself… and ashamed of myself. Oh well. There was a time in my childhood when my dad would make this, so I can tell myself that it’s for old time’s sake.


3 thoughts on “Caramel corn!

  1. Homemade caramel corn is the bomb-diggity! Sometimes I’ll add some chile powder (the unadulterated kind with no added spices) with cinnamon for a spicy version and I also love to make “cinnabon” caramel corn by adding cinnamon to the caramel after cooking drizzling the caramel corn with white chocolate.

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