Shiny Brite jackpot

If memory serves, I started my vintage Christmas ornament collection in July 2008, right around the time I met Sparks. It was obvious to me that, unless fate dropped a gorgeous pink aluminum Christmas tree in my lap, they needed to go on a white tree… in theory, a more obtainable item. Except I had specifics in mind. It needed to be pre-lit, slim-line, not flocked, not iridescent, and six feet tall. Sparks recently helped me remember a certain November Saturday when I arrived at his (this) house unannounced, completely distraught because I’d been to six stores and not found such an easily obtainable item. He sat me down, found one on Amazon, and had me order it. As he says, “sometimes you need me to be the man.”


I guess the world’s fervor for these ornaments has abated in the last two years, because I had zero competition when I won this lot on eBay a week ago. I paid a price that would have been cheap for new ornaments in-store. I couldn’t be more pleased… two years ago this collection would have gone for at least $75. What’s so great about it? Why let me tell you!

1. The ornaments are large–3″ diameter
2. They are predominantly pink, which is big with the Shabby Chic crowd
3. They are mostly reflectors, some double-reflectors. Very desirable.
4. They are Shiny Brite brand
5. Some have the original tops
6. They are clean
7. They are in a real Shiny Brite box, which is also in great condition.



2 thoughts on “Shiny Brite jackpot

  1. Hurrah! What a fine jackpot, indeed! I am the fortunate benefactor of my Grandmother’s treeful of Shiny Brites, and they have been my lifelong favorites. I have hesitated to use many because of my evil cats, but I am starting to feel withdrawal!

    Do enjoy those – they are lovely.

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