Shutting down the garden

Sparks tore down the vegetable garden, this weekend. The chard is still out there, because it likes the cold weather, and we haven’t pulled (most of) the parsnips because, though we haven’t gotten around to looking it up, I vaguely remember that they’re supposed to stay in the ground until it freezes. Everything else is gone, though.


He did pull a few parsnips out of curiosity, and here they are. Tee hee. They aren’t as beautiful as the ones you buy in the supermarket. This was due, no doubt, to the uneven first-year soil in the garden. Sparks tilled the whole garden several times, but there were so many grass roots from the broken sod (zoysia grass… tough stuff) that it never got mellow-smooth. Also, Mother Nature didn’t play nice with the distribution of moisture throughout the season, not that she ever does.


The peppers, both hot and sweet, were a pleasant surprise. They came on fabulously in September, and in the end, we have a pretty hearty crop of both. Above are the jalapenos,


And here is the last picking of sweet peppers. Sparks likes to eat them raw for a snack… I need to remember to cut some up and present them to him soon, to make sure they get eaten.


7 thoughts on “Shutting down the garden

  1. No, just the little green ones that were still on the plants. I’ve made a big batch of green salsa with some… we don’t know what to do with the rest. We still have three quarts of green tomato dill pickle in the pantry. Hmmmmm.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of peppers, but those still look gorgeous! Your parsnips look like something out of a sci-fi novel, though, lmao. XD Love them too, though. Parsnips are so delicious.

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