Fall jewelry: black flowers

This fall, all I can think about style-wise are charcoal grays, jewel purples, richly textured fabrics, and sparkly beads.


I’m so glad I decided to buy more ribbon than I need just for this season’s new necklaces. All of this ribbon above, every snippet of it, is miraculous. I bought it from M & J Trim. It is an assortment of velvet, silk satin, hand-painted silk, and silk grosgrain ribbons. They are every bit as exquisite as I’d hoped they would be. No, you can’t get stuff like this at JoAnn’s. The grosgrain makes me want to start sewing reproduction Victorian gowns, and the hand-painted silk just begs to be tied around a throat–no more necklace needed.


I’ve made some jewelry for the season. I’m using up all of my gunmetal findings and charms willy-nilly. It’s completely worth it.


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