Tis the season (almost)

The air is nippy, so I am clearly justified in getting excited about CHRISTMAS!!! Hooray!

C’mon. To plan is to be ready. We want to be ready, right?

This is to be our last childless Christmas, and I have to say, I am completely stoked about the prospect of having children to celebrate it with. It just isn’t the same with all adults, it really isn’t. And since future holiday preparations are all in my imagination at this point, they’re all glittering and perfect. Squee.


I’ve pulled out a little light reading to stay by my bedside table.


Pudding is a real Christmas Kitty, deny it as she might.

To Joni: your curtains. Soon.


One thought on “Tis the season (almost)

  1. That stack of magazines looks a lot like mine…only it’s EveryDay Food instead of her Living series.

    As for Christmas, I’ve never been a huge fan, (probably because I spent the last 2 years working in retail) but I am amazed that it’s coming up so soon! It doesn’t seem like it should be this late in the year already. O_O

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