Cozy weekend

It was cold this weekend, down into the thirties at night with daytime temps barely scraping sixty. We had to start the furnace. We turn it down at night, and all of us (me, Sparks, Pudding, Kidney Bean) cuddle in bed like a pile of puppies.


I spent some time cleaning up my sewing room, and then working on a patchwork quilt top (for myself) and curtains (for a friend). I also spent a lot of time knitting… I have a pair of Zauberball socks to finish for myself before beginning Sparks’ annual pair of socks, and I have also begun knitting the above Endpaper Mitts for myself. This isn’t a no-brainer project… but then, brain-involving projects usually have the most beautiful results.


Because I blow the pregnant lady’s caffeine allowance on my morning latte, I have to drink herbal tea the rest of the day. Oh, well. In such a chilly house, a big cup of hot something in the fastest antidote to cold hands. Brisk walks are good, too.


While I was sewing and knitting and tea-drinking, Sparks worked in his shop and listened to Tommy on continuous repeat. I peer over his shoulder at the circuit schematics, and am puzzled. He peers over my shoulder at knitting instructions, and feels the same way. We like it like that.


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