Beautiful knits

This morning, it was nippy nippy nippy. The temperature in the house was 62. I couldn’t help but begin to think about knitting, and about all of the lovely and exceptional knitting blogs that have fallen by the wayside. I began to look through the archives of See Eunny Knit, and suddenly, got the old familiar heart-squeezing regret that I am, unfortunately, not a prolific and detail-oriented knitter.

I’ve begun knitting myself a pair of endpaper mitts, and I’m using Shibui Sock “Peacock” as one of the colors–a yarn so glowingly lovely, I’ve been afraid to touch it so far.

I also looked back at my Flickr pictures of things I’ve knitted. And you know what? I manage a couple of very nice things a year, even recently.

Embossed-stitch socks for myself, out of a forgotten Blue Moon Fiber Arts “Raven Clan” colorway

The “I Dig You Enough To Knit This” hat for Sparks. Habitat by Jared Flood; made of Cascade 220 “Shire”

The “I Still Dig You” socks for Sparks, our first winter together

The “Still Diggalicious” socks for Sparks, our second winter together


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