Fruit trees

The pear and apple trees have set a (potentially) nice harvest. Some of the apples have even turned red–


Which surprised me, because somehow I thought apples didn’t turn red until late September or early October. Which shows how much I know.


And the pears, the precious pears. Wish us luck, having a chance to harvest these for ourselves. There is a doe in the neighborhood who is adept at standing on her hind feet to get at the fruit. Since our trees are all dwarfs, she can decimate the crop. And this year… she has twin fawns.

When it isn’t too hot (which has been never, lately) I like to step out to our little grove of fruit trees and feel romantic. The trees are so deliciously twisted and nobbly, and the fruit looks so much like an 18th century engraving. It’s delightful.


2 thoughts on “Fruit trees

  1. Apple ripening depends on what kind of apples you have! Some apples ripen in early August, some don’t ripen until mid October. Do you know what kind you have?

    P.S. I am jealous of your pears.

  2. Hmmm, unfortunately the trees pre-date Sparks here, so we don’t know the varieties. Looking back at my old pictures, the apples were red from the very beginning, so I guess that isn’t an indicator of ripeness.

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