Garden blooms

I have bellyached before about having to start a garden from scratch, again. Though the flower gardens as a whole don’t look like much this year, there are a few plants that are being complete stars.

Echinacea Double Delight

Echinacea purpurea

Spiderwort… a trailer on the daylilies

Gaillardia tokajer

Those volunteer petunias from the herb garden. Such a lovely mix of colors… you can’t buy them like this.

The one delphinium that didn’t die

Echinacea Green Jewel. Managed one bloom in its first year.

Echinacea White Swan

Hibiscus / Rose of Sharon, a legacy from previous owners.

5 thoughts on “Garden blooms

  1. I love your Echinacea, especially the green one. I haven’t seen one like that this year. I planted a few of them but none of them seemed to flower this year. Maybe next year will bring some blooms.

  2. Yes, I have several other varieties that didn’t flower this year. I hope they grow lots of roots over the winter.

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