Summer harvest

We’re in the heat of the summer now, and some of the days have indeed been crazy hot. Since we haven’t had rain in nearly three weeks, there has also been a crazy amount of garden-watering going on. Happily, we are getting a regular harvest now.


These purple-and-white eggplants have been complete champs. We’ve gotten probably twenty fruits from each plant already, and will get at least twenty more. I have made Madhur Jaffrey’s eggplant cooked in the pickling style twice, and frozen some to boot (no, I’m not sure that freezing eggplant is going to work, I’ll get back to you on that). The peppers are also gearing up for true production, as is the okra which was eaten nearly to the ground about a month ago.

Yes, eaten. Our little army of water-squirting robots that protected the garden from deer suddenly stopped being a deterrent, and over the course of one night and one day the deer ate the okra leaves, the chard leaves, and all of the green tomatoes off of 13 plants.

Sparks put up an electric fence the next day. The morning after that, there were hundreds of pea-sized tomatoes all over the plants. It was our Tomato Miracle. So we are having a big tomato crop after all–just later than the rest of you. We’re satisfied with that outcome. The chard and okra have also made a full recovery, I’m happy to say. By the way, have I sung chard’s praises enough? We love, love, love it. We wish we had four times as much as we do. Best vegetable ever.


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