We are all set for pickles this year.


You may be shocked to hear that I am not the one in this family who cans things. Sparks is. He was doing it the summer we met, and it definitely impressed me.

I am maintaining a three-year streak of “complete inability to grow cucumbers” but fortunately, I’m the only one with this problem so we’re getting plenty of donations. Sparks has done nine quarts so far, and has enough cucumbers for four or five more.

I watch with only the vaguest ideas about what’s going on, as cucumbers


and jars


become cucumbers hermetically sealed in jars


with some garlic, hot peppers, and dill blossoms.


You are so talented, honey. Birthday cakes and pickles. I love you.


3 thoughts on “Pickles

  1. Will you share your recipe/technique for canning pickles?
    I have a crop of cucumbers ready to can in the next
    week. Does Sparks can bread and butter pickles? If so
    please share your recipes. Thanks:)

    I have never canned pickles before, it looks easy enough.

  2. Unfortunately, because Sparks is doing the canning, I don’t really know what he’s doing. The brine was a vinegar and salt brine, and he added garlic, hot peppers, and dill blossoms for flavor. As far as I could see, he was boiling the jars to sterilize them, filling them, then pressure cooking them. He considered making bread and butter pickles, but I don’t like sweet pickle, so he decided not to 🙂

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