Prairie walk

Earlier this season I shared photographs of a walk in the woods, apres Earth Day. There is another part of this trail that I didn’t walk on until recently–a part that is mostly prairie. And oh, I never knew how much I loved the prairie.


What IS it about this walk that is so charming?


I think it has to do with alternating trees and open prairie. Just like a house needs sheltered alcoves as well as tall ceilings, the outdoors is nicer when one alternately has space to breathe and space to hide.


I miss that line of trees, when I’m in a place that doesn’t have it.


This patch of woods along the way feels magical. There should be paths coming off it on either side, leading to cozy brick houses with bread baking in the kitchens. I always look for Miss Honey and Matilda here, and think, “Never and never my girl wandering far and near / In the land of hearthstone tales and spelled asleep”.


More shelter–a grove of mulberry trees.


A sweet, cool grove. Mulberries are tasty, incidentally.


Back to open prairie. I love how the native plants and grasses are almost as tall as I am.


Laura? Where are you?


Capability Brown, where are you?


Yes, I DO want to know what’s around that bend. Yes, yes, yes!


Am I wrong to feel that this part of the landscape is almost… Austenian?

And the wildflowers here are completely different from the ones I’m used to. More on those later.


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