Knitting ahead of the season

Ah, my blogging has fallen by the wayside. It’s the paradox of summer… there’s so much to do, and yet, somehow it’s so hard to get things together. It’s the season for parties and cookouts, but somehow you can never get people to come to yours because they’re already busy going to other ones. It’s also the season of abundant blogging material, but because you’re so busy accumulating the material… you know how it goes.


The story of this season so far is that it rained, for a really long time, and then it was hot, for too long. The last three days, though, the heat broke and everything has been beautiful. We have had the house open to the air at all hours, and the air is cool enough to be refreshing. I love the feeling of comfortable air in the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit. It feels like seasonal change, and therefore like I’m being given a great and very special gift from the world.

Walks are beautiful, waking up in the morning is beautiful, firefly-laden twilight is beautiful.

Maybe this little spell of cool weather after hot weather made me think “Fall is coming!”, because I suddenly got the urge to knit… or maybe it was reading through Soulemama’s blog archives, and soaking in all the cozy knitty goodness.

As knitters usually do, rather than picking up any of the four in-progress sweaters from my work room, I’m starting a new one. This is Madeleine Tosh’s Tea Leaves Cardigan, being knit in Rowan Soft Lux from the stash. It’s a simple but effective pattern, and I’m optimistic about being able to finish it.

And then a Shalom… and then an Arwen…


2 thoughts on “Knitting ahead of the season

  1. Heather, I meant to comment–loved the log cabin post that you referenced the other day. My only question was, how was the camper going to get out of the cabin?

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