All’s well in the garden

I am diverting most of my garden-blogging energy into my dedicated garden blog, Low House Gardens, but I can’t resist sharing pictures with you here.

We have six garden beds this year: two veg beds, an herb garden, and three flower beds. They’re all going bonkers just now, after two weeks of alternating heavy rains and hot sun.


The herb garden has mysteriously sprouted dozens of petunia plants and even some portulaca, in addition to the herbs we sowed in it. How this happened, we have no idea. I have been digging up the petunias and putting them in flower beds, so they don’t choke out the herbs. The portulaca can stay.


I planted three containers with nasturtiums, mostly so I can have flowers in my salads.


Tidy rows of veg. Ah, me.


Healthy rhubarb plants (harvested three quarts last night!)


Mixed salad greens, which have been one of the keenest joys of the garden so far. If you have one square meter to garden, I recommend planting half with mixed greens and half with swiss chard–you won’t have to buy green veg again till autumn (I think).


I planted two hills of zucchini, and allowed three plants to stay in each. I am prepared to regret that decision.


We grew turnips, which unfortunately had an unpleasant bitter flavor. Perhaps they stayed in the ground too long. I prefer the greens, to tell you the truth. Though they are spiky like nettles.


Ah, the swiss chard. What a great vegetable. Leaves like spinach and stalks like celery, plus the red stalks bleed dye just like beets, so they must have lots of antioxidants.


We had garden peas for dinner for the first time last night. We like the plants–such fast growers, such pretty flowers!–but aren’t sure that the peas are better than frozen. It might be one of those things.


So far just one bell pepper, but she’s a beaut.


These purple and white eggplants have been stunning performers. Right now our two plants have six fruits on them, all perfect and (crossing fingers) two will be ready to harvest this weekend.


And the tomatoes… happy, happy tomatoes. Amen.


2 thoughts on “All’s well in the garden

  1. we have tomatoes this year that are so cute! we tried growing veggies last year, and they did well, until the customers (read that squirrels) found them.

    beautiful pictures and I admire your gardening spirit!

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