Now available at Trovillion Photo…

… yummy soap, and jewelry made by me. Check it out right here.


Laura, who is a good friend and owner of a successful business, wants me to get my own business going doing things I like to do. She’s also decided to start selling gifts in her studio–and very kindly asked me if I’d like to sell there. Thank you, Laura!

Laura lives in a little fairy-tale house in the middle of a little fairy-tale garden that I have been wanting to blog ever since I first saw it. Perhaps I need to hie me over there and take some pictures soon, while the flowers are good.

parks 225.2

Doesn’t she take beautiful pictures?

One thought on “Now available at Trovillion Photo…

  1. What beautiful glass beads and I’ll be keeping an eye out for how things go for you.

    Cutest couple today I’ve seen–only ’cause hubby and I haven’t been looking in a mirror today! LOL

    Great pic!

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