Our own mill

When Sparks’ parents visited two weeks ago, they brought gooseberries and hydrangeas–and also this home-sized grain mill.


They bought it some time in the seventies. It is very heavy and very loud, and the flour it produces from winter wheat is brown, flakey, full of wheat germ and extremely nutty. Sparks’ first attempt at making bread from it came out dense, flavorful, and intriguing. The dough was so dark with germ, it looked like baked bread when it was still raw.


3 thoughts on “Our own mill

  1. This may have been the most expensive gadget my parents ever purchased, but I ate many, many loaves of fresh bread from it, too. The bread on the shelf at Kroger’s in 1975 was basically only white fluff Wonder bread, so I guess you had to DIY. Mom had feared that the grinding stones had become glazed, but a wire brush cleaned them up nicely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VroTYzv2VXc

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