Sunburst granny… sewn together

Heeyyyy, look what I finally finished sewing together:


I previously blogged this afghan here. It is made out of 100% Red Heart worsted-weight yarns (Classic, Super Saver, Jumbo Super Saver, etc). I still need to weave in ends and crochet a border, but I thought it was high time you all saw some more of this one šŸ˜‰

11 thoughts on “Sunburst granny… sewn together

  1. I don’t think that I could ever use that afghan and be unhappy with it on me. Such a happy mixture!

  2. Great job ! ! ! I have a large amount of blocks ready to put together, thanks to you, but it is a project very far down on the “to do” list. Beautifully done ! ! !

  3. Love that picture! WOW! My daughter in-law would LOVE this afghan………………where can I find the pattern?

  4. Gorgeous colors! I am working on new granny square throw pillows, but I wish I were using your color scheme instead! I have many of those shades sitting around from an as-yet-unstarted afghan project. Looks like I will have to raid the stash soon and have some fun…

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