Neptune, quilted

One of my goals for my time at my parents’ house, this time, was to get a large quilt top done on my mother’s Gammill. I’m a little daunted by the prospect of having to set up and quilt a whole quilt in one go at the LQS, and I know better than to attempt a twin-size or larger quilt on my home machine, so this was the best way.


I took my very favorite top, the double hourglass made with Neptune by Tula Pink.


After experimenting with pantographs and more freehand feathers, I decided that given my skill level and time constraints, a pantograph was the best way to go.


I love this one in conjunction with the Neptune fabric… it evokes waves and water movement. It’s exciting.


Pudding agrees.


I didn’t have quite enough of the navy toile to do the backing and have the pattern the right way up, so I stole some of the aqua toile intended to be used as binding. Now I LOVE it. It looks like a ray of sunlight hitting the bottom of the water.


All in all, I am happy happy happy. Neptune is the best fabric collection ever.


9 thoughts on “Neptune, quilted

  1. WOW! that is fabulous!! I love Neptune, too. And the double hour glass is great. You’re right, that quilt pattern is perfect – just like waves.

    Cool thought that it’s like a sunbeam through the water on the back. I may have to use that idea!

  2. Unfortunately, it’s sold out and highly sought-after. Tula Pink does have a couple of other lines widely available right now… Plume is lovely.

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