And more radishes!

Phew. We are back from the annual visit to my parents’ palatial “cabin”. More about that later… but we are back after five days and frantically watering the garden, weeding the thousands of maple seedlings that sprouted in our absence, mulching, replacing plants, and inspecting progress. First of all, I pulled the rest of the radishes:


I am so pleased with the radish crop. It’s fast, easy, delicious, and beautiful. Unfortunately it is probably too hot now to sow another round, but we plan on raising them all winter long in the hot box. Zowee!


I have a public service announcement to make. Radish greens are 100% edible, and better than that, when you cook them like any other cooked green, they’re tasty. They don’t have a bit of the difficult, bitter flavor that some other greens can have. This evening I sauteed them with ravioli, garlic, and lemon. I think I’ll do the rest with garlic and balsamic vinegar tomorrow night.


Back to the garden, the peas are blossoming


The strawberries are ripening


And the apples and pears are fattening on the branch. The garden is so exciting at this time of year! And that’s just the fruit and veg… I have flowers to show you, too, but that will have to be another time.

Me, I have housework to do. Ah bliss.


3 thoughts on “And more radishes!

  1. You know, I always wondered about radish greens. The ones you get attached to the radishes at the supermarket (remember, I live in Canada so radishes travel a long way in the winter) always look So Nasty!

    A friend has called my parents’ cottage “your Mother’s mansion in the woods.” It isn’t a mansion of course but it certainly isn’t roughing it either.

  2. Yeah, I’d worry about eating any commercially-handled food that wasn’t officially intended as “food”. Who knows what might have been sprayed on it.

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