The bicycle secret

It’s an embarrassing fact that I have never learned to ride a bicycle. I had them. My parents tried to teach me to ride them. I was just resistant. Learning involved falling, which hurt. Learning also, as far as I could see, provided zero benefits. So I didn’t.


At almost-thirty, I may be ready.


I was inspired by Heather Bailey’s adorable Nicey Jane photos. I hopped onto the internet and found myself the Huffy Cranbrook, which was non-dismissably affordable and darn cute at the same time.


Riding practice will start soon, and as an adult, I feel confident that I can learn without scraping up my knees or elbows.

Meanwhile, I think Pudding is using it to ride to Dairy Queen while I’m at work during the day. Is that fair?


3 thoughts on “The bicycle secret

  1. Ditto – I’ve never learned either for the same reasons. Hope I get some confidence myself someday. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Pssst… I tried to learn while we were visiting my parents… and I didn’t get it figured out 😦 . It’s a silly hobby anyway, right?

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