I adore radishes. I don’t know why, I just do. I tried to grow them once at a rental house with rotten, rocky soil that I didn’t want to scratch up or disturb too badly. They didn’t fare well… not well at all.


So now that I’ve got a row planted in proper soil, I am so pleased to find from the occasional experimental pull that they’re doing a-okay.


4 thoughts on “Radishes!

  1. Radishes + salt + butter + bread = AMAZING!!!

    I learned of radish sandwiches from my great-grandmother, via my mom. The boy and I both love radishes. He can eat them plain with nothing but salt. I prefer them on sandwiches.

    We had a tea party at the museum I work at recently and I made radish sandwiches. They were a big hit! A couple women who came said they hadn’t ever liked radishes before this, but that they really liked the sandwiches. I told them that the secret ingredient was salt. 🙂

    I’m lucky enough to live in an area where I can get fresh, leaf-on radishes in the spring. Sooo much better than the pre-cut store-bought ones! I’m jealous of your garden, though. 🙂

  2. I saw Ina Garten do exactly that. I always eat them with salt now–but I haven’t gotten around to trying the butter, decadent though that sounds. I will certainly have a nice crop to play around with about a week from now, so maybe it is time. Maybe it is time for a whole spread of Danish sandwiches. Hmmm…

  3. I grow daikon radish in my yard which grow as huge as monster zucchini. One radish alone is shredded and made into one of many kimchee recipes that I have. I bring a container with my lunch and share with my latin and filipino coworkers. It is like a slightly sweet pickled ginger when I make it and the most popular of all my kimchee recipes.

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