New blog: Low House Gardens

Oops, I did it again. I started another blog. Here it is: Low House Gardens. It’s also in the “More of Me” links on the left side of this blog.


I started this blog less to provide interesting reads and pretty pictures for you, the reader, and more to provide a garden journal for myself and Sparks. This spring we tilled up and planted no less than six garden beds in addition to containers, the hot box, and the fruit trees that were already on the property. I am bringing with me the flower bed experience from my previous house, and that experience tells me to DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT. So document I will. Also, I’m not going to plant any Chinese forget-me-nots (amen).

Low House Gardens is meant to be a micro-blog, with entries short and sweet describing important events in the lives of all our plants. Each post will be tagged with the name of every plant mentioned in it. That way, next year when interesting things happen, we can click on the tag for the plant in question and see all of our previous notes about it. Nice, eh? Isn’t the internet wonderful?

PS: my life has calmed down enough that I feel ready to post some more content to Bedtime Stories for Everyone. I’m sorry it got away from me over the winter–you know how it is, so dark, so cold, so sleepy, and then there was renovation and moving and The Cough That Kept On Giving. I’m back now, sweeties.


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