Sparks is a vinyl fan (he builds tube amps), so he makes a special effort to get to the annual music fundraiser every year.

This year, he scored 80 singles for 10c apiece. We’ve been having fun spinning them all weekend.







2 thoughts on “Vinyl

  1. Strange Fruit is quite possibly the best, and creepiest, song ever written and performed. I love Billie.

  2. I applaud Sparks for vintage vinyl success. 🙂 I take my dad to a few local thrift stores where we score our lps for 10-25 cents a piece. Going to Rasputins is EXPENSIVE and only a special thing for the special occasions now. Dad loves the grooves since he can’t see like he used to now. The only downfall with collecting is something has to go for something to have a place..sigh. Isn’t it a shame you can’t have it ALL in life…:(

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