Pioneer Woman’s photoshop actions

… do you have Photoshop?

… do you know about Actions in Photoshop? Actions are basically a recording of a series of adjustments to an image. Once that series of adjustments has been recorded, you can unleash them on any image. That’s what an Action is. Sounds like a big time-saver, doesn’t it?

What’s really cool is that not only can you save yourself a lot of time, but you can benefit from the technical wizardry of other people. Smarter people. More creative people.

Seventies action by Pioneer Woman

Like Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, who you must have heard about… and if you haven’t, you must hear about now. She must be the biggest blogging powerhouse in the industry. And she has free Photoshop Action sets for you. And they’re goooooooooooooood.

Vintage action by Pioneer Woman

And you can get them for your own sweet self righ’ chere. You want them. Trust me. Just download them and keep them.

Colorized action by Pioneer Woman

I also feel that I need to spread the gospel of Cheap Online Eyeglasses. I got these ironically hipster cat-eye glasses from ZenniOptical for $23.90 shipped, and that was with the polycarbinate upgrade. And you know what? They work just as well as the last pair I got, for $400, from my optician. Hmmmm, there’s something wrong here. It may not be a good solution if you are picky about how frames look on your face, or if you have a very strong prescription… but then, it’s an awesome solution for people like me, with middling prescriptions, who usually wear contacts and really would like a couple of spare pairs of glasses knocking about for emergencies.

Lovely & Ethereal action by Pioneer Woman

Or if you just want to make funny faces for the camera.


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