When nerds garden

I am buying boatloads of perennials for the new garden beds this year. Being a list-maker, I am keeping a spreadsheet of what is in every bed… but not being a professional garden designer, I haven’t found a low-energy way of creating a computer file to document where each plant has been planted. Happily, Sparks has a load of spare trim on hand from the remodel.


So he is cutting these super-fancy stakes for me, and I am recording the species and variety of everything planted in all of the beds.


It looks funny right now,


but I expect that when the plants get bigger the stakes will be mostly hidden–which is all right, because I need them less for identifying plants when I see them, and more for figuring out what doesn’t come back next year.


So for the moment, my garden of plant-labels is far more impressive than my garden of flowering perennials. Oh well, the nerd in me is loving it. It feels like “a teaching experience”.



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