Sparks and I are all about growing things from seed this year, but once I’d sown all the varieties of seed I could find I still had two large planters to fill. So I got myself some “real” flowers.


Lantana, I love you. Who ever thought up such a perfect flower? I want to shake her hand.


Lantana lantana lantana


Bo bo banana!


I like this stuff, too. I always forget to look at the tag to see what it’s called, but it looks like baby snapdragons.


And I’m all about that.


3 thoughts on “Lantana

  1. Never knew these were called Lantana, I always just call them butterfly bushes. They’re so pretty, we have some out near my house that look like candy, they’re incredible. All different colors in the teeny tiniest little flowers! Great photos!

  2. Huh, interesting. I have seen Buddleia also called butterfly bush… but it’s a perennial shrub. It has a lot of little flowers, but they don’t come in so many colors.

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