Apres Earth Day

This year, I heard Earth Day talked about for the first time in a long time. Sparks happened to be away in the woods, camping with his uncle and finding the first morel mushrooms of the season, so I think he can satisfactorily be said to have done something Earth-day-like. Me, I took a stroll in the woods.

Somewhere in the woods, there is an inviting sun-dappled path


Lined with sprays and sprays of spring beauty


And somewhere along that path, redbud trees are hiding themselves


And masses of bluebells huddle together for the night


Somewhere along this path, a gentle little river flows


And a friendly bridge lets the wanderer cross it, undisturbed


Black squirrels guard the path, watching it from above


And old oak-ents bend over it to enforce the squirrels’ decrees


Somewhere deep in the place the path goes, there is a clearing and a lake with a white tree



5 thoughts on “Apres Earth Day

  1. Beautiful photos.We have Red Buds in KY too.

    Everyday is Earthday for us. We have one car, we burn wood for heat, no A/C in summer, we grow a huge garden and we milk a goat. We even buy food in bulk and resist fastfood at ALL costs.

  2. I spent Earth Day in the new house throwing out/donating all the crap that was left for us that they thought we “might like or think was cute.” I guess that is one of the problems with buying a house off of friends – however, it is the only problem so I shouldn’t complain except that it made me feel like a really bad environmentalist.

    Your Earth Day sounds like it was lovely.

  3. Sounds lovely. My husband’s family lived on a small farm when he was ages 3-11. The house was heated by a wood stove. He says it was a GREAT experience–very fun for a kid (his parents, who had to handle the animals, eventually thought differently…)

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