The problem bed

There are several flower beds at Low House that it is now my calling, nay, my duty, to fill up. Mostly they have been sparsely planted with evergreen shrubs that the deer eat down to nothing. Me? I am determined to fill them with flowering plants that the deer ignore.


Voila what has come to be known as “the problem bed”. This bed sits in the middle of a concrete patio. It is hot and dry and full of soil of questionable quality. We could have amended the soil more than we did, but I was determined to use it for some of my favorite Mediterranean plants which, lets face it, ought to feel right at home.

Thus: Munstead lavender (lots of it), white coneflower, purple coneflower, sedum, and candytuft. I have high hopes for it, and if it fails, there is a nearby bed full of snakeroot, asters, globe thistle, shasta daisies, and astilbe to try on it instead.

I have seen so many flowerbeds through this “awkward stage” in the past few years, it sort of breaks my heart to be doing it again. I know that this bed can’t, and won’t, look like anything special this summer. Maybe the summer after… but probably the summer after that. I’m not sure all the lavender will survive the winters. I’m not sure the candytuft will survive the deer. I have a long-standing soft spot in my heart for sedum, and am thrilled at the prospect of them being perennial here, can you imagine?

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “The problem bed

  1. It is awful hard knowing that your bed won’t show its full glory for a year or two, isn’t it? But only think – all your practice has really led you know plants that you love and have had success with. So, surely these beds will be all the more spectacular for it. Best of luck this spring and summer!

  2. Good luck! I spent several hours getting my hands dirty with basic yardwork this weekend. Could be some time before I’m doing anything more dramatic than mowing, edging, and mulching…but I can’t wait to see what develops at your place!

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