A full life

… and then, it was ten days since she last blogged. Sigh.


This is a summer cocktail of my own invention, half white zinfandel and half Crystal Lite pink lemonade. They go down pret-ty easy in warm weather. And this glass is a metaphor for my life… full full full, full to the brim.

So many philosophies are about how to simplify your life, about how to say no, about how to slow down and not get overwhelmed. Those philosophies are great ones for busy people to pay attention to. Me, though? Until I met Sparks a couple of years ago, my life was rather… hm… empty. I had a lot of time on my hands.

I truly pinpoint the turning point in my life, from “empty” to “full”, as being the Christmas I adopted Pudding. For the first time, I was sharing my living space with another active, breathing creature who had an agenda of her own. For the first time, I wasn’t in control of everything. It was a baby step, but I think it was an important one.

I’m not crazy about being alone, anymore. I’m not crazy about having unstructured free time by myself. When I do, I either start calling friends to spend time with me, or I dive into a frenzy of housework.

I’m at a place in my life now where I can see the value of sometimes saying “no”. I am at a point where I understand that there are people who have to turn away new friends and new adventures, because they’re stretched thin as it is. I truly think that a life full of noisy, happy chaos is better than one full of quiet, tranquil nothingness.

Having said that… taking an hour to drink a drink and wiggle your toes in the grass and contemplate whatever is near at hand isn’t a bad thing.


3 thoughts on “A full life

  1. The drink looks great! Wish I had one!
    I am one who craves quiet and nothingness because I am always too busy. I don’t fill my life with activities outside the home, my home is filled with activity because of the lifestyle we live. If my husband and children clear out for any length of time, I take full advantage of the peace and don’t listen to t. v. or radio or anything…just listen to the nothingness!

  2. Oh, I believe it! With a lot of children, one should certainly pay attention to the quiet/nothingness/simplify/learn to say no side of things!

  3. Hear, here to this – “I truly think that a life full of noisy, happy chaos is better than one full of quiet, tranquil nothingness.”

    When I met Beck he ushered in an opportunity to embrace the chaos around me. Now if there is an opportunity to be with friends, I might let the house cleaning wait a day or two. I believe in and relish the life that is full and brimming to the edge. Cheers to you for a yummy drink creation and good life philosophy. 🙂

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