Roly poly

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it to you, but Sparks and I have a television habit. Every evening we hunker together on the sofa, and watch one two or three hours of teevee. Pre-recorded stuff. We can’t handle commercials.


We really like Top Chef. We really like the Hairy Bikers and River Cottage. We really like How Clean Is Your House, and Oh My how we like Gillian McKeith and Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain. But most of all… we like Mad Men. Sparks is all about retro, and I happily imagine myself in a red wig and a girdle.

So happy belated birthday, honey. Here are six Dorothy Thorpe roly-poly glasses with silver rims. They’re not identical to Don Draper’s, but they’re pretty darn hip.


3 thoughts on “Roly poly

  1. Those are some styling glasses. Cheers! I’m a big Mad Men fan too. Smoke ’em if you got ’em! Just kidding. Smoking is bad. Dang, this new age stuff stinks. Let’s have one low-sodium, non-alcoholic martini with fake olives. Oh, never mind! Happy birthday! Just have fun, ya hear?!

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