Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone. Ah me, it’s been so long since Easter has had the fun trappings of the holiday… how long has it been since I have dyed eggs? Hunted for them? (I think I stopped hunting for eggs at around 12 years old.) Woken up to an Easter basket? My mother always put together good baskets. Often I’d get a stuffed animal and some games, in addition to candy. Often we would be visiting my grandmother, and would go to church with her. Often my mother would have made me a frilly pink dress for it… new clothes on Easter, right?


I can’t remember a single Easter sunday that wasn’t sunny and warm. Isn’t that amazing? There are a lot of Fourth of Julys when it rains (like, our wedding last year, arrrrgh), but in my memory there is a nary a cold or damp Easter.


And bulbs blooming. The early bulbs are always blooming. Oh, how I adore these pink daffodils. I bought the mix when I moved into the other house 2.5 years ago, and bought them only because I love everything pink. I wasn’t a fan of daffodils at the time… or I didn’t know I was. Every year when these come up, though, they make me so happy. I think they’re gorgeous.


And so, I intend to dig ’em up and transplant ’em to the new house. Because they’re mine. So there. You can take my pink bedroom, but you can’t take my daffodils!


Mmmm, yummy frilly pink and white chiffon petals.


I want a dress that looks like this.


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Well, I read mostly sally-homemaker blogs, so someone who reads political blogs might disagree with me–but I’d say any blog with more than three sentences in between pictures is text-heavy 😉 . We are in central Illinois.

  2. I’m going to do a rare (for me) OMG!!! on the pink daffodils. Where did you get the mix from? I must have some. The frilly one is to die for.

  3. Either bluestoneperennials.com or Brecks… both have pink hybridizer mixtures, which is what those are. I’d go with Bluestone, they’re probably cheaper. They double every year!

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