Organization bliss

There is nothing like blogging about how I don’t have time to blog, to make me blog. So this morning I took pictures of some of the tidier, more organized parts of the house to share with you! (Plus, Dee cheered me on. Thanks Dee!)


We have IKEA’s Adel White cabinets in our kitchen. The fronts have a smooth vinyl finish that wipes clean like a dream. We LOVE them. Most of them have solid fronts, but this bank of upper cabinets for dishes has glass fronts. Since all of my dishes are blue-and-white, all matchy-matchy, I think it looks very nice.


Here is a peek at the turquoise floor and at the perfectly matching Keep Calm And Carry On poster. I wore a necklace with the same image in the same color at our wedding last summer, so I have a soft spot for it. It’s a good slogan to stick to, I think.


Sparks’ internal clock set itself to “summer hours” when the time changed last weekend, so instead of going to bed before me and sleeping almost as late as I do, he is staying up later than me and getting up around (gak) 4:30. Every morning when I wake up he has already gotten chores out of the way, and filling up the new Expedit shelf with all of his LPs was Monday morning’s miracle. Frankly, I’m shocked that his records all fit… I thought he had way more than that.

PS, I love his records. He says that every time I mention them online he feels geeky, but for people my age, collecting vinyl is the epitome of cool hipsterness. Bask in it, sweetie. Do you know how much fun I have looking at your copies of Sergeant Pepper, and The Wall?


Here is an artsy upwards shot of one curtain panel. The Great room has two glass slider doors in it, and each one is flanked with these. They are 100″ tall, which is much taller than the sliders but which accents and compliments the very high ceilings in the room. Because the sliders have miniblinds in them, the curtains didn’t need to be functional–so I took a page from Southern Living and hung them on individual small rods, rather than big ones.


And here, ah me! are my books. It took me two evenings to unpack them… it’s a frustrating snail’s pace to get things done at, but when one commutes and works full time and cooks dinner and eats it and cleans up after it, and tries to get in a good brisk walk, and also a snuggle on the sofa with one’s honey… there’s precious little time left in the day for this kind of thing. So it took two nights, but now it’s finished. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel to have the books out in the Great room like this. In the other house they were put away in a back bedroom, and though I didn’t consciously realize it, that depressed me. Books Do Furnish A Room, you know. I don’t care that they’re chaotic and disorganized, I love them and they make feel good about the house and about my life.

(happy sigh)

As a note… any portion of the house I haven’t shown you yet… is still a wreck 😉


8 thoughts on “Organization bliss

  1. Just in love with your house! I love the colors you’ve used and then you sharing with us why you chose them. The albums are great. So are the two you highlighted! Personal favorites of mine!

    Tall windows, tall ceilings, glass fronted cabinets, happy colors and books. Your home sounds like heaven!

    Thanks for giving us a peek and may all your years there be nothing but happy!

  2. congragulations on your beautiful house! It seems so homey and happy. We have a collection of laserdisc movies and LPs as well…can you mention what type of shelving you are using for your LP collection? Is it available in any store or is it a custom job?Thanks..:)

  3. Thank you! The LP shelves are an Expedit unit from IKEA. They come in a 5×5 version also, but the 4×4 is already so huge and weighs nearly 200 pounds… it holds a LOT of records, too.

  4. The house is looking fantastic! I am moving this month, and I am so looking forward to getting my wall of books back. Last year when I moved from Georgia to Virginia, the house we moved into couldn’t accomodate our wall of Billy bookcases. But now we are moving into better digs, and the wall shall return!

    I covet those kitchen cabinets, by the way.

  5. Thank you so much for the shelving information! We have a Ikea 45 minutes from us so this will help us immensely with having a shelving source as our old source went out of business with the economy. It’s hard being a he/she team with various interests and collections in a 70’s two story.
    Every square inch counts. 🙂

  6. The cabinets are alien technology, for sure. Did you have to put up only some of the Billy shelves, or were there ceiling-height issues…?

  7. We had to had them customized to fit the ceiling height issue as well. In our living room it is the biggest sloping roof area so basically things get more smaller as you get closer to the wall. We had to hire a special carpenter to do it and the wood he used was amazing. For our renovating needs we have easily scoured the upper half of california with not much luck. 😦
    I love how your house came out and it gives me hope someday when we FINALLY get ours done I will get to enjoy mine as much. 🙂

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