Backwards and in heels

Every time I wear The Prettiest Shoes Ever, I think about Ginger Rogers doing everything Fred does, but backwards and in heels.


They are the highest heels I’ve ever had, at 3.5 inches. They are stilettos, too, which makes them feel higher and wobblier than a pair of chunky heels would feel.

I have so many things I could blog, but just no energy to blog them. The spring rush is upon us, and we have a lot of gardening work to do, in addition to unpacking and arranging in the house, ferrying junk from the old house’s garage, making an epic trip to IKEA for more storage pieces, trying to keep up with friends, the regular housework, feeding ourselves, and finding time for each other. Oh, and another chore added last night: paint my pink bedroom in the old house white again. Arrrgghhh. Don’t people understand that THEY can paint? I blame HGTV.

Things that have been accomplished include…

* I made curtains for the bedroom and for the great room, and Sparks has hung them
* Sparks got the tiller going and tilled up the front beds
* Sparks built a cold frame and we potted all of the vegetable and herb seeds for the garden
* We made that epic IKEA trip and put together the frames of everything, and didn’t say a single unkind word to each other the whole time… ibuprofen was key
* I have half of the books unpacked, and Sparks has all of his LPs put away
* Sparks is slowly but surely getting rid of all the garbage left over from the remodel. He spent three hours shoveling drywall dust last weekend
* He also spent several hours pruning the fruit trees and chipping the extra branches. We’re hoping to get a bonzer crop this fall
* I have kept us fed, for the most part

When I have the books unpacked and the great room tidied up, there will be pictures, and they will be good. I am so excited about having a whole wall of bookshelves, and in the main living area of the house. In the other house they were hidden away in a back bedroom, which was a mistake. I love the cozy lived-in feeling of having books right there in front of you, when you’re eating and relaxing. And my… my oh my, that great room is a big, lovely space.


2 thoughts on “Backwards and in heels

  1. Can’t wait for the pictures! You two have been my HGTV couple and I love hearing about all the cool things going on at your home!

    All the outdoor work sounds like we need pictures of it too!

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