A little color

The house, bare and without furnishing, is mostly brown-neutrals with a few splashes of color. The master bathroom is painted Pepto-Bismol pink (and by the way, I LOVE the color and feel happy every time I walk in), the guest bathroom is a classic pale turquoise, the powder room will eventually be apple-green, and the kitchen floor is turquoise-turquoise-turquoise. Aside from that, though, all of the sheetrock walls are white, the wood wall is medium brown, the media room is a darker brown, and the floors are unstained ash. Very neutral indeed. The idea is to pep it up with accessories.


And so I have! Two large pillows came to me as part of the furniture inheritance in the house. Sparks asked me if he should throw them away, and I said, no I’ll make patchwork covers for them. I have made good on that, and used up about 60% of a Nicey Jane jelly roll in the process. Each cushion has four string blocks for its front and a plain white envelope back.


I am always amazed by how much fabric is in a jelly roll. I previously got three cushion covers and a lap quilt out of one Allspice Tapestry jelly roll. I now have a pretty significant amount of fabric left over from this project. The strips are all at least 16″ and in some cases 24″ long still. I am thinking about making a double Irish chain lap quilt, using pale robins-egg-blue for the solid. Sound good?


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