Liberty for Target

I had been hearing the buzz in blogland for a month, but was nonplussed. I have been to Liberty’s, and love the store dearly, but the Liberty prints were actually one of my least favorite things about it. So when I heard that Target was going to start carrying the stuff, I thought, “meh”.


Then I went to Target on Saturday (yes, Saturday) to buy curtain rods, and Oh My. Oh My Good Golly Gracious. The little girls’ dresses. The adorable little girls’ dresses. The flower pots and gardening gloves. The pillows and bedding. The iddy biddy teapots and mugs. The tiered servers. The picture frames. The piggy banks for crying out loud.

Yes, I stood in the middle of the main aisle for several minutes, surrounded by these delights, eyes a-bug and emitting small squeaks of desire and distress. I loved it all and wanted it all.

In the end, I picked out these three little picture frames and a dress for my niece. And felt very happy about it.


Though I’m going back for the flower pots tonight.

Like the curtains?


4 thoughts on “Liberty for Target

  1. My Mum bought Moira THREE dresses from Target before she came back to Canada. I liked a lot of the stuff I saw online but it was the little girl dresses that I really loved. I can’t wait until she comes to visit so I can see what she got.

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