Prize package #1

I have been lucky enough to win two quilt fabric giveaways recently, and the first prize package arrived yesterday. What a surprise! I had thought the prize would be a layer cake, but when I opened the box, I found…


A Swanky layer cake
A Harvest Home layer cake
A pink Olfa cutter (oh my, as if picked out especially for me)
No less than EIGHT Schnibbles patterns

The Schnibbles patterns are by Carrie Nelson, the author of the Miss Rosie quilting books, which have long been my favorites for simple-to-execute but stunning-to-see quilts; I finished a Radio Flyer last spring, for example, and woohoo is it something to see! Almost all of the corners matched up… and for me, that’s a major achievement.

The giveaway was executed by Pat Sloan, of quilting and radio fame, and who is now venturing into knit and crochet on her very own yarn blog. Thank you so much, Pat and Carrie!

2 thoughts on “Prize package #1

  1. I knew that pink Olfa cutter was meant to be yours… Enjoy the prizes and THANK YOU! for leaving a comment and listening. And thank you for all the nice things you wrote too ~ I appreciate it. 🙂

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