Big plans for pretty things

For about six weeks now I have been driven to distraction by the gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking, ethereal, and otherwise completely perfect clothing sold by a certain retail store who hasn’t seen it fit to put a store or outlet anywhere near where I live. My obsession has been consuming, and it is all her fault. I read that post, then went to The Company’s website, and I was a goner. Gorgeous and I-have-to-have-it? Oh yes. At those insane prices? No, no, no. So I have been faking it.


Here is the pile of fabric for garment sewing. From the bottom up, we have:

Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in “Galvanized”, for a skirt
Michael Miller Mirror Ball Dot in “Clay”, also for a skirt
Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in “Blush”, for a top with random ruffles sewn all over it
Moda Glace lame in “Champagne” and “Crystal”, for some plain shells
Liquid lame in “pale gold” and “pale gray”, also for shells

I have also been buying cheap shirts in order to alter them. I found a particularly nice, glowing shade of pink at Meijer, and bought a tshirt to use as a base and a tank top to cut up for flat ruffles, and ended up with this shirt:


And I found some wide white organza ribbon with silver sparkles in it, and sewed it onto a white tank top to make this lovely thing:


Lots more is coming just as soon as I have time to raid the ribbon at Jo-Ann. I have also been finding some authentic pieces at reasonable prices on eBay, as well as very good knock-offs at Old Navy and Target. Forever 21 has some fantastic jewelry, too, some of it indistinguishable from… um… the real thing.


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