There she goes, there she goes again

It’s imminent, everybody. My second major moving-of-house since I started Snapdragons in 2007.


Can you hear the groans? Packing up my craft room involved three large garbage bags of refuse, three large packing boxes of yarn, three medium packing boxes of fabric, two boxes of miscellaneous stuff, and a carload of un-packables. But it is done. I am proud of me. What you see here is the craft room not with its own packed contents, but with all of my packed books–22 book boxes full. Two of them are just Martha Stewart Living. Two of them are just Agatha Christie books.


I still have crafty plans, though who knows when I’ll ever be able to craft again. Seen here is a pattern for some frilly summer tops and the thread that I hope will match three pieces of Kaffe Fassett shot cotton I ordered; some pretty ribbons for embellishing other tops; some huge plastic jewels to be combined with gold filigree beads and black ribbon for a bracelet; two gaudy bracelets from Forever 21, my new favorite store; a gold purse-handle chain that I am using as another gaudy bracelet; and finally… my new iPod Touch. Sparks got me good on Valentine’s day. He wrapped this in silver foil and a Hershey bar wrapper. Never being quick on the uptake, I sincerely thought it was chocolate until I actually unwrapped it to eat it. Ah, me.

By the way… if you don’t have one of them… you want one. It’s a web browser, BlackBerry, iPod, and personal gaming system all wrapped up into one. A moment of silence, please, for how childhood would have been different if these had been around.


2 thoughts on “There she goes, there she goes again

  1. It is great to find your blog again after many months. I too got an ipod back in August and would love to hear how you find it useful. I have not really used it too much yet. I got frustrated when my Skype program disappeared and to get it back I have to upgrade to the next operating system.

  2. I am using it to check email and Facebook and read blogs. I downloaded the SparkPeople nutrition tracker, so I can check nutrition at restaurants. I have music on it to listen to at work. I also put Bejeweled, Solitaire, and Mahjong on it, so I can play games (good for airports, waiting rooms, etc). I anticipate it being very useful during travel, too, for instantly finding restaurants etc. Of course you have to find a wireless hotspot, so I may be disappointed in a lot of on-the-go applications, but right now ignorance = optimism 🙂

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