January wrap-up

Oof. I have been a bad blogger. In my defense there have been lots of things going on. Let me show you some old pictures and tell you what’s up in my world.


RENOVATION: is wrapping up, for real. The kitchen counter is going in as I type, which is exciting. The wood floor is also going in as I speak. I went to the house over the weekend to take pictures, but didn’t get any good ones because 1) a lot of the floor has cardboard taped over it to protect it from the remodelers, 2) the finished parts have stuff piled on them so that the unfinished parts are empty, and 3) there wasn’t much else that was new to photograph for you. So for now you just have to trust me that the wood floor is FABULOUS.


THE MOVE: will be scheduled when the wood floor is finished, probably at the end of this week. We figure that at the time of scheduling, we’ll give ourselves a three-week lead time to pack. I began packing this weekend and focused my energies on my craft room. OH ME OH MY what a mess it is in there. I have 3.5 large moving boxes full of just yarn. We all have our besetting sins; mine is obviously greed. I got rid of a lot of stuff, though, and have hope that I’ll be redeemed. Eventually.


CRAFTY BITS: have been centered around making J. Crew knockoffs. I just love their look, but I just can’t abide their prices (unless you’re buying something that’s been decently marked down in the clearance sale… which right now has an extra 30% taken off the top, so go get yourself some of that, if that’s the way you roll). I have been making necklaces, dyeing things into ghostly, glowing hues, and sewing organza ribbons and jersey rosettes to camisoles and tshirts. I have been buying suspiciously similar items from Old Navy. I have been haunting eBay. I think that I am finally over it, though, which is good because I need a breather! Time to pack up all of my sewing and jewelry making things, anyway.

And that’s a wrap, folks. Between the J. Crew thing, the move, and having been sick for over a month… there just isn’t much more of me to go around now. I will take some photographs of the necklaces I’ve made soon… those turned out quite nice.


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