Hand-sewn binding

I just cannot get enough of hand-sewn binding!


Probably any other hand-sewing project would be equally satisfactory, but binding is what I’m doing right now. I bought some cream-colored flannel and used a few leftover Fig & Plum fat quarters to turn them into blankets.


And now I’m looking for the next thing to bind. I think I should probably commit to machine-quilting of the many quilt tops I have stored up, then binding the quilt. But oh my, these are so, so pretty. Ever since I saw them in Last-Minute Patchwork Gifts I thought they were simple and clean and lovely and elegant. Yum.


In order to give myself something to sew into, without the stitches showing on the other side (since these blankets are made of a single layer of flannel), I added a “magic strip”. It also makes a lovely look on the finished piece. You just sew a second, 1″ strip of fabric face-down onto the blanket at the same time you’re sewing on the binding, then iron it, and add the next one at the same time you’re turning the binding’s next corner. Simple and very lovely.

Erm… since I don’t have an immediate use for these myself, if you do and you’d like to buy them, feel free to contact me about it. We’re about to move house, and I don’t relish the prospect of packing more stuff than I have to.


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